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      Established in 1988, Garden of Fragrance is a second generation, family owned and operated business specializing in premium quality perfume body oil, home fragrance, and fresh hand-dipped incense. What initially began as a passion project by our father, who shared his love of fragrance through hand-crafted goods at local festivals and markets on the weekends, has since grown into a wholesale supply company and retail shop. Their vision has elevated their father's passion project into a curated boutique featuring local artisans and unique wares. 

      We are committed to delivering premium value through an approachably modern and vibrant product line. The timeless practice of incense burning has blossomed beyond traditional ceremonial rituals into a soothing practice which can elevate the energy in any space. Incense is at the heart of what we do and our unique offerings reflect the creativity and quality we inject into every element of Garden of Fragrance. We are inspired by our community and intentionally donate to non-profits that positively impact local issues including: fighting hunger, ending homelessness, and empowering women.